Emilie Bourel is an illustrator and print designer, currently based in Lisbon.

Born in France, she grew up on the countryside, in the southwest of France and, later on, she moved to Paris, where she studied Fashion Design at Duperré School of Applied Arts.

Afterwards, she decided to study and explore the scenic arts. She was an improvisational theatre artist for 17 years, where she developed a critical spirit, sense of humour, empathy and simplicity.

A lover of multiple artforms, she developed her interest for the most varied artistical expressions, like graphic design, drawing, painting and ceramics. These experiences were essential for the work she currently develops, granting her versatility, dynamism and flexibility as an artist.

Since 2006, she works as a textile designer in the children’s fashion industry and as an illustrator for publishers companies.

Travelling has always had an important role in her life. Meeting different cultures, landscapes and people is one of her great inspirations.

Passionate about colours, patterns and typography, she enjoys the spontaneity of hand drawing so she always carries a graphic diary and Chinese ink or watercolours with her.

In 2017, she arrived in Lisbon, and Portugal sparked her interest to stay. Currently, she is open to new opportunities and art projects anywhere in the world.                

She produces by order: illustrations (manual and/or digital), stamps, book covers, drawings and many more.

Have a look through her personal creations on this website and her social media, or contact Emilie for professional questions at: